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Ximeconns 5G and further leading technology waterproof connector

Time:2020-08-15 14:23:42 Hits: 2969

Ximeconn's 5G and further leading technology waterproof connector

 Mobile communication has become an important part of our infrastructure and daily life. With the growing demand of data traffic, operators need to transform to support 5g next generation network, and provide higher bandwidth under low latency, so as to achieve higher data rate. 

Based on decades of innovation and expertise in the telecommunications and data communications industry, ximeconn develops disruptive technologies and connection standards that lead the industry forward. With our complete connectivity solutions portfolio, including optical, copper and RF connectivity, FPGA solutions and signal integrity engineering, we have achieved the function of paving the way for 5g and beyond, laying a solid foundation for 6G technology 15 years later